Wesselburen (Dithmarschen)

It was a whole day's outing from Kiel to Wesselburen in the region of Dithmarschen to visit friends we had not seen, or heard from, between 1982 and 2018. Yet when we arrived at their home, it was like 38 years collapsed into a moment. We bridged that time gap with pleasant conversation and a drive with them to explore more of the surrounding area of Dithmarschen, the Eider Sperrwerk and Schiffahrtsschleuse (shipping locks). And of course there was the lovely Koog Café for our afternoon Kaffee und Kuchen :)

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Video 1: The Opening

Video 2: The Ship Passing Through

Video 3: The Closing


At Koog Café

The town of Wesselburen


Gary and Cathy Martin