Mt. Rigi "Queen of the Mountains" Excursion. We took a tour beginning at Lucerne, with a boat ride across the lake to Vitznau. At Vitznau we took the Rigibahn to the top at Rigi Kulm. We spent a lot of time wandering around near the top of Rigi with amazing 360-degree views. We enjoyed a picnic lunch we brought with us, then walked partway down the trail to a cafe for coffee and ice cream. There we boarded the Rigibahn to get back to Vitznau and the boat for the return trip to Lucerne.


Rigi Journal


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Rigi: "Queen of the Mountains"

Leaving on boat from Lucerne

On the Rigibahn

We will walk down from the top of Rigi to here for coffee and ice cream :)

At the top of Rigi it feels like being in an airplane

The famous "No. 7" brought into service for the 150th anniversary of the Rigibahn


Video clip of the No. 7 arriving at Rigi Kulm



Rigi Nr. 7 Whistle



The sound of cow bells on Rigi


Gary & Cathy Martin