We drove to Ratzeburg for lunch at Cafe Köbke, on the patio, a few steps from the scenic Ratzeburger See. We had a wonderfully healthy and tasty lunch of seasoned potatoes with green salad and chicken slices in sauces - Cathy had a gorgonzola sauce and I had a peanut-chili marinade. After lunch we visited the small but interesting Kreismuseum. Cafe Köbke had some amazing torts and coffee drinks, but we were too full from lunch. Man I hate to pass up a good espresso :) But the rhubarb-schorle was fabulous!

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There was a rowing school right next to the restaurant

Cathy at our table on the right, near the building

Heading toward the Kreismuseum. Notice the huge tree.

Eibe, taxus baccata. Yew Tree.
The sign says it grows slowly and can live to be over 1,000 years old.

We saw an Eibe on our Switzerland 2021 trip near Heimiswil,
also estimated to be 1,000 years old!

Link to "The Heimiswiler Eibe" and hike to the Lueg


Gary and Cathy Martin