Nonnberg Abbey & St. Peter's Cemetery

See the Salzburg info web site for photos of and information about Nonnberg Abbey. It is a rather steep walk up the stps of the Nonnbergstiege, but definitely worth the climb. Many scenes from "The Sound of Music" are brought to mind here.

On our walk from Nonnberg back into town, we visited Petersfriedhof - St. Peter's Cemetery and Catacombs - near the base of the Hohensalzburg. The crypts behind wrought iron gates bring back vivid images of the Von Trapp Family hiding behind tomb markers there. Even though this part of the film was both non-historical and actually filmed elsewhere, it was still cool for lots of other reasons. (This cemetery was the inspiration for the scene of a Hollywood set in "The Sound of Music" where the family hid.)

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Nonnberg Abbey


St. Peter's Cemetery


Gary and Cathy Martin