Mutzbach Falls

We enjoyed a nice stroll through meadows and woods to the Mutzbach Falls, about 10 miles north of Heimiswil by car. We took the bus from Heimiswil to Burgdorf, and another bus to Wynigen and Riedtwil. Cathy especially enjoyed the bus ride, which took us through several small villages with interesting old buildings and wonderful gardens.

The hike was up a road, but was very gradual. There were fields on one side and the creek and woodland on the opposite. Both of us were pleased to see families of differing configurations using their free day to hike this easy trail. It is maintained by three different community groups, and they have provided firepits and wood for picnicking! Kids splashed in the creek or invented games to play. We enjoyed watching how Swiss families spent Sunday afternoon together as much or more than the beautiful scenery that attracts them to this particular place.

When we returned to the train station in Riedtwil after the hike, it was quite warm outside, and we just missed a the bus back to Wynigen. Fortunately, the nearby Landi store had a wonderful grocery with coffee and pastries, and a cool place inside to eat our snacks and rest.


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The community supplies cut wood for people to use on their outings


Video clip of the falls


Mutzbachtalhöhle / Mutzbach valley cave. A hole clear through the hill!


Gary & Cathy Martin