Matterhorn Glacier Paradise Express

When we woke up and looked out our hotel balcony window, the sky was clearer than it had been the previous days. Cathy and I hurried down to breakfast, then off to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise Express. It was a good decision :)

The ice sculptures in the Glacier Palace are incredible!


Matterhorn Glacier Paradise Express Journal


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Klein Matterhorn

Looking down toward the Italian side of the Klein Matterhorn


Clouds kept rolling in. Several of us at the top of the lookout kept waiting for the clouds to clear the peak of the Matterhorn. The opportunity came and lasted less than a minute!

Ski slopes on the back side of the Klein Matterhorn.
You come up with the gondola on a very steep and rocky side.
There is quite a contrast between the two sides.

The restaurant was warm and cozy.


Glacier Palace


The Descent


Gary & Cathy Martin