Landhotel Klempau / Krummesse

After 2 long flights, picking up our rental car at the Hamburg airport, remembering how to drive a car with manual transmission - and to navigate German roads and signs - we were completely ready for this wonderful quiet place to spend our first 3 nights in Germany - Landhotel Klempau in Krummesse.

We took leisurely walks along the Elbe-Lübeck Canal a short distance by foot from our hotel, and watched the locks on the canal in operation. A grocery store was a short drive away. Lübeck was the main attraction. We had come to Lübeck several times when we lived in Germany and always enjoyed the Old Town - especially the marzipan! We explored some areas new to us - we thoroughly enjoyed Ratzeburg.

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Arriving at Landhotel Klempau

We arrived before our room was ready. Hotel staff kindly made cappuccinos for us :)

"To the guest rooms, solarium, fitness room"

Fabulous restaurant connected with the hotel

Spacious, clean, comfortable, quiet, absolutely charming room

The entry to the room and the bathroom were on the level above the bed

First walk along the canal

Built 1755

Signs cautioning drivers that school is starting!

Dinner at the Markant Markt Krummesse grocery store :)

Gary and Cathy Martin