Kiel is where we lived from the end of 1979 until mid-1988. Our youngest child was not yet 2 years old when we moved here. Two of our children were born in Kiel. We lived just a short distance south of the Kiel Canal, or the "Nord-Ostsee Kanal" that connects the Baltic Sea (Ostsee) with the North Sea (Nordsee), cutting across this northern, narrow part of Germany in the region of Schleswig-Holstein. My co-worker lived in Kiel-Holtenau (shown above), a short distance north of the Kiel canal, so we crossed over the canal on a high bridge several times a week.

Kiel is about an hour's drive from Denmark. Kiel hosts one of the largest sailing events in the world each year during "Kiel Week." We truly loved living here for almost a decade.

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Kieler Rathaus

Inside the Kieler Rathaus is an old "Paternoster" elevator. Super fun!

Video of the Paternoster in motion

I got my first contact lenses in Kiel in the early 1980s.
At that time Wöhlk lenses were sold here.
Heinrich Wöhlk was a pioneer in contact lens development.

The thick blue line above is the Kiel Canal.
It saves ships a lot of time by avoiding a much longer trip around the northern tip of Denmark.

The lighthouse at Kiel-Holtenau


We lived in this apartment building for almost 9 years.

Fabulous Loppo Kaffee shop in Kiel.
It is located next to a bicycle path used especially by students at the University of Kiel. There is a bicycle repair shop inside the same building, right next to the coffee shop!
Very cool.

A birthday party for a wonderful friend

Below: An Eierschallensollbruchstellenverusacher!

Breakfast at the home of our co-workers.
Introduced here to a wonder of German engineering :)
Drop a heavy metal ball on top of the piece of metal resting on a hard boiled egg.
It cracks the egg. And it cracked me up too! :)

German likes to create long compound words. This device is called a:


Eier-schale = egg-shell

Soll-bruch-stelle = "should break place"
("predetermined breaking point")

Verursacher = "causer"

Pronounce it!



I bought one of these in Salzburg. More pics there!

Video here


Gary and Cathy Martin