Interlaken / Unterseen

We received a suggestion to find a place to stay in Unterseen rather than Interlaken. We totally enjoyed our 5-night stay at the Aarburg Hotel & Cafe! It was quiet, scenic, convenient, has super helpful owners, and a fabulous restaurant with vegan options.

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  1. Aarburg Hotel & Cafe
  2. Nearby the Hotel
  3. Shopping in Interlaken
  4. Velocafe
  5. Laundry
  6. Fishpass


Interlaken/Unterseen Journal


In the vicinity of Interlaken, on new web pages:


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1. Aarburg Hotel & Cafe

Fresh basil from the hotel terrasse picked by kitchen staff while we were eating :)

Wonderful guest lounge in the hotel, with refigerator, sink, tea, etc.

Kaffee und Kuchen at the Hotel: Superb

2. Nearby the Hotel

Postal Delivery

Market just out the back door of our hotel. Happens only twice a year!


Kids had lots of fun bouncing up and down!


Quiet walking tour north of the hotel

3. Shopping in Interlaken

The store was closed, but had a booth at the big market,
where we purchased a lovely gift for our neighbor.

The "Top of Europe Flagship Store"
with 30,000 Swiss army knives hanging from the ceiling!

I found the perfect "Cheese Knife" :)

A section of the "Top of Europe" store for all things "Lily"

4. Velocafe

Very cool cafe. Very excellent espresso drinks.


Nice view of the Jungfrau on the street by the laundry



Video of water flowing under the Fishpass



Gary & Cathy Martin