Schloss Hellbrunn

So much to see here, and so much fun! If you go to Schloss Hellbrunn, be sure to do the Wasserspiele (Trick Fountains) tour. We thought it sounded silly in the travel guide, but it was a blast! Today was quite warm, so we didn't mind being surprised now and then with water squirting at us from unpredictable directions at unpredictable times. My favorite room: The music room with a scroll of music rising upward from floor toward ceiling.

Also be sure to pose for a picture in front of the "Sound of Music" gazebo.

The Schloss Hellbrunn website is fabulous. Check out the main page here and especially the Virtual Tour here.

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When you sit down at this table, you should ask yourself why the surrounding pavement is so wet :)

Ah, that's why!

Getting around from one building to the next can be a bit hazardous :)

Video clip shows why


Video clip


Video clip

Video clip of another "trick fountain"


Video clip

And the famous "Sound of Music" gazebo are sixteen going on seventeen...

Fabulous playground here!


Gary and Cathy Martin