Heimiswil, a Gem in the Emmental

Why Heimiswil?! It seems an unlikely location for a tourist from the U.S. There are only a few places to stay overnight in Heimiswil.

It's a story I share on our "Backstory" page. Here is the short version. On a road trip with Cathy in 1995 from Germany to Bern to visit friends there, we became aware en route that we would arrive in Bern too early (before our friends would be home). We decided to take a detour through part of the Emmental. That led us to Kaltacker, where we enjoyed a most lovely drive and a wonderful lunch. I kept a postcard of the restaurant, thinking it would be nice to return someday. "Someday" came in 2021. All I needed to do was find a place to stay near Kaltacker. Thanks to shared advertising on the Kaltacker restaurant website, I followed the link to the Spycher Lodge, and the rest is recent history! :)

Highlighted here is the Spycher Lodge. We have stayed in many different kinds of accommodations during our travels to many countries in the past half century. I cannot remember a place we enjoyed more than the Spycher Lodge - for its solid construction, efficient use of space, number and types of places to relax outside the lodge, comfort, location, cleanliness, state-of-the-art furnishings, privacy, quietude, walks and hikes in gorgeous countryside right out the door, close to the local grocery store and bus stop - and a most helpful and gracious hostess. We have obviously fallen in love with Heimiswil and the surrounding landscapes.

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  2. Afternoon Walk
  3. Heimswil


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1. Spycher Lodge


YouTube Video by Spycher-Lodge


3 sitting areas are shown here: (1) Front porch where Cathy is, (2) table & chairs on the left, (3) table and chairs on the deck above.

Gas grill available to use.

Depending on air temperature, wind direction, rain - there is always some place outside around the lodge to be comfortable.

Completely peaceful setting, yet not far from a local bus stop.

Comfy chairs on the front porch.

Plants & flowers tastefully placed around the lodge.

We ate meals and snacks here, with choice of seating options.

Surrounding flowers and plants furnish a perfect natural mix of shade & sun.

Great place to relax after a long hike, sip a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and enjoy time to savor the surroundings.

A great place for afternoon Kaffee & Kuchen :)

Perfect combination of lighting, both natural and electric.
Windows can open for enjoying a fresh light breeze.

Breakfast made by our hostess and delivered to us. Local, fresh, fantastic!

I think Cathy loved this breakfast experience :)

Convenient hooks for hanging coats, hats, etc.

Very sturdy and safe stairway to the sleeping area and upper outdoor deck.

Superb shower and toilet area. Convenient place to hang clothes and to store suitcases.

Perfect reading lights above the pillows. And what a view up through the skylight!

The skylight can open for fresh air. Shades can cover the skylight at night.

Doorway out to the upper deck.

This covered sitting and eating area is absolutely incredible.


Lunch at Spycher-Lodge


Surrounded with your own natural garden to enjoy.

Calming sound of a water fountain.

View from the driveway to the church in the center of the village.


2. Afternoon Walk


Video from Garmin Connect


3. Heimiswil

Cathy was intrigued by the rooster fountain near Heimiswil-Oberdorf :)


Gary & Cathy Martin