We stayed at the wonderful Hotel Gletschergarten, and would definitely do so again. Our room was clean and spacious, and had a long balcony affording splendid views. We walked the streets of Grindelwald and visited many shops, but we did not take many pictures of the town, which is very lovely.

Picture set bookmarks on this page:

  1. Pics of our Hotel
  2. Pics of Grindelwald
  3. Pics of our hike from Oberer Gletscher back to town
  4. Pics of the Old Hotel


Grindelwald Journal


In the vicinity of Grindelwald, on a new web page:


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1. Hotel Gletschergarten

Cathy on the deck of our room

Lovely sitting area with view and access to balcony


Video clip of the view from our hotel room


Our favorite seats for breakfast


2. Grindelwald

I will purchase a Swiss Army "Cheese Knife" for this in Interlaken :)

3. Hike: Oberer Gletscher to Town

Interesting advertisement board right on the trail :)


4. Old Hotel

Gary & Cathy Martin