Germany-Austria Trip, 2018


We lived in Kiel, Germany from late 1979 to mid-1988. After we returned to live in the U.S. in 1988, we made a couple visits back to Germany (and in 1995 also to Switzerland) to visit friends with whom we had shared almost a decade of our lives. Our last significant visit was in 1995. I had a couple of very brief visits to Kiel in 1997 and 2000 in connection with business trips elsewhere in Europe.

In 2018 we saw an opportunity to renew connections with people we had not seen for about 20 years; some we hadn't seen for 40 (since our move in 1988). We spent the first few days on our own near Lübeck, recovering from jetlag. Over the next couple of weeks we visited friends in northern Germany. Near the end of the trip we traveled into southern Germany and spent almost a week in Salzburg, Austria. There we stayed at the same place I had stayed with colleagues on a business trip in 1997 :)

On the last day of the trip we met up with my old pen-pal from Junior High School and her husband. We had only met them once earlier in 1980 for a short visit. Then we were young married couples with small children. In 2018 we were older married couples with grandchildren. It's quite an unusual and fabulous story!

We rented a car for the entire trip. We flew into Hamburg where we picked up the car and flew out of Munich where we dropped it off. The map below shows our travel itinerary with numbers that correspond to the numbered places in the list below. We decided that for future trips we will use public transportation and not rent a car. We enjoyed the freedom to get to places quickly, but we also paid a price in the stress of driving such distances on congested Autobahns and some narrow rural routes.

Selection of Places & Pictures

On the pages linked below we have included a few pictures of some of the places we visited. For privacy concerns, I have not included many pictures of people we know, and have also not mentioned them by name.

For closer map views, check out Google Maps for each place you want to know more about.


  1. Landhotel Klempau / Krummesse
  2. Lübeck
  3. Ratzeburg
  4. Kiel
  5. Wesselburen / Dithmarschen
  6. Grande (near Hamburg)
  7. Celle
  8. Dinkelsbühl


  1. Scharnitz
  2. Salzburg


  1. Albig


Map of our Trip Itinerary

For a higher resoluton map, click here

Gary & Cathy Martin

The header image is from the Mattsee near Salzburg