Eggiwil in the Emmental

We spent 4 nights at the Berghaus Eggiwil in serene surroundings and lovely views of this southern, more hilly, region of the Emmental. Our hosts, Ruth & Hans, take magnificent care of the Berghaus and the property. The property is located on the Trans-Swiss Trail. We saw one hiker come down the trail (road here) and check into the Berghaus for a night before continuing her trek.


Eggiwil Journal


In the vicinity of Eggiwil, on a new web page:


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Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a puzzle
Today is a gift


A separate small building for quiet time and breakfast in case it rains

Breakfast outside on 2 of our mornings

The Hohgant ridge in the background

Early morning walk

This young lady stopped to chat with us on her bike ride to school,
then zoomed down the hill!

One way to get back up the hill on a bike!

"For free to a good place"

Love the runner duck!

On a walk up the road from the Berghaus

This cow constantly kept her eye on us every time we walked by :)

Gary & Cathy Martin