Schloss Burgdorf

From Heimiswil to Burgdorf it is a short train ride. We spent the morning touring the 800+ year old Burgdorf Castle. Although the name "Burgdorf" is literally "fortress village," today Burgdorf is the main city of the Emmental region. We spent 2 entertaining and instructive hours on the self-guided tour. Definitely worth the time.

A fascinating aspect of this museum is that children have many hands-on experiences they can do. In the room that shows a bit about the history of musical instruments, there is a box with small cymbals and bells even small children can reach into and make some noise!


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Schloss Burgdorf

Very interesting displays of product histories.
Ovomaltine is the original name of what is known in the U.S. as Ovaltine."

Reminds me of teaching at the university :) Maybe just a little different :)

"Head, Heart, and Hand"


Gary & Cathy Martin