Bachmann's Alphornmacherei in Eggiwil

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September 8. Wednesday

We spent over an hour at Bachmann's Alphornmacherei learning an incredible story of the history of alphorn-making in Switzerland and particularly, at Bachmann's Alphornmacherei in Eggiwil. I was so engrossed in listening to Walter Bachmann speak and demonstrate that I forgot to take pictures! Check out the website! I have also provided links here to several YouTube videos about Bachmann's alphorns.

I had the opportunity to play a couple of Bachmann's alphorns and decided I would order one. There is a long backlog of orders, so I am planning to return to Eggiwil sometime in 2023 and pick up my alphorn in person.

After we left Bachmann's alphorn shop, we walked down the hill to the nearest bus stop. That turned out to be quite an adventure. We needed to crawl under a few wire fences, march through a pasture with cows, then find the steep trail through the woods down to the road.


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Leaving Bachmann's Alhornmacherei. The trail we needed was between the groups of cows, and just down the hill.

We just crawled under the lower wires. They were not electrically charged :)

We forgot to bring our walking sticks. We found some natural ones.

Heading confidently toward the bus stop :)


YouTube Videos from Bachmann's Alphornmacheri

Alphorn Bau - Hansruedi und Walter Bachmann - Eggiwil
5 min 55 sec

Alphornbauer - TravelBistro Heimat Special (Bachmann)
1 min 53 sec

Die letzten Alphornmacher im Emmental (Bachmann)
12 min 15 sec

Walter Bachmann am Alphorn
1 min 16 sec

Gary & Cathy Martin